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We are the leading provider of financial services to individuals under-served by traditional loan providers. 



Marcus James

Chief Executive Officer

Marcus James was appointed CEO and Executive Director in 2000. He is responsible for the attainment of the strategic goals of the organization which are established by the Board of Directors in keeping with the organization's Mission and Vision

Fredrick Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Frederick is the Chief Operating Officer of the Company with responsibility for overseeing the daily operations of the business inclusive of finance, sales and collections. In addition, he provides leadership support to the CEO.


In this position he is tasked with developing strategies to achieve operational efficiencies, growth and profitability and the maintenance of a client focused culture within the organization.

Catherine Thomas

Manager - Operations & Credit

Catherine is responsible for strategically guiding the operations of the organization. She is tasked with optimizing the Company's operational efficiencies, enhancing its distribution channels and maximizing technological innovations to improve customer outreach.

Deveta Mclaren

Manager - Marketing, Communications & Sales

Deveta has responsibility for the development and execution of marketing and communication initiatives to increase brand awareness, market share and enhanced customer experience. Her mandate also includes the effective execution of initiatives to drive sales in new and existing channels.

Hugh Campbell

Manager - Collections & Internal Controls

Hugh manages the collections and compliance functions of the organization. His mandate is to minimize the Company's credit losses by ensuring its collection processes are effective and efficient as well as ensuring that the Company's operations are conducted within established guidelines.

Keisha Smith

Manager - Human Resources & Training

Keisha had responsibility for the development and efficient management of the human resources of the Company. This includes recruitment, selection and on-boarding of new employees and the enhancement of the skills of team members for optimum performance and productivity to meet organizational goals.

Michael Burke

Manager - Information Technology

Michael’s mandate is to develop and implement policies that guide the selection, planning, delivery and maintenance of IT services within Access. He is tasked with improving IT efficiency, achieving predictable service delivery by mitigating risks and managing the alignment of IT investments to business requirements.