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SME loans are available to small and medium enterprises involved in the manufacturing, agriculture, trading and service sectors. Loans may be used for working capital support, fixed asset purchases and bridge financing.  Loan amounts range between J$1M and J$20M or the USD equivalent. The maximum loan term is five (5) years. Interest rates range between 19% and 25%.


o Last three (3) years Audited/Accountant Prepared/In-House Financial Statements

o Draft of In-house Accounts for current year
o Last twelve (12) months Bank Statements
o Credit Report from Banker
o Business Registration Documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Articles & Memorandum of Association, Board Resolution)
o Business TRN
o Tax Compliant Certificate (TCC)
o ID and TRN for the Owners/Directors of the Company
o Letter of Good Standing (optional)
o Valuation Report for asset being pledged as Collateral
o Copies of Certificate of Title for asset pledged as Collateral
o Insurance Endorsement in favour of AFSL