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Catherine Thomas

Manager - Operations & Credit
(876) 929-9253, Ext 2236


Catherine is charged with optimizing the Company's operational efficiencies, enhancing its distribution channels, and maximizing technological innovations to improve customer outreach. She also has primary responsibility for credit and managing operational risks.

Deveta Mclaren

Manager - Marketing, Communications & HR
(876) 929-9253, Ext 2287


Deveta is charged with maintaining a strong brand presence, enhancing customer experience, and driving sales in new and existing channels. Additionally, she has oversight responsibility for the efficient management of the Company's human resources.

Hugh Campbell

Manager - Collections & Internal Controls
929-9253. EXT 2286


Hugh's primary role is to minimize the Company's financial losses by ensuring its collection processes are effective and efficient. He is also tasked with ensuring that the Company and clients are operating in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Karen Davis

Financial Controller
929-9253. EXT 2266


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