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Dear Shareholders,

Access Financial Services Limited (Access) has earned the reputation of being the premier microfinance institution in Jamaica and has received regional recognition for its performance.

In 2014 major Shareholders and Directors had divergent views about the future of the Company. This developed into a public discussion. No doubt however, the difference in views was driven by a passionate belief in the future of a vibrant and strong company. Mayberry West Indies Limited eventually sold its 39% shareholding to Proven Investments Limited in December 2014. This led to the resignation of Director Gary Peart on 30th December 2014 and the appointment of Christopher Williams. Brian Goldson (former Chairman), Directors Christopher Berry and Maureen Vernon resigned on 7th January 2015 and Directors Rex James, Johann Heaven and Charmaine Boyd-Walker were appointed.

Accordingly, the new Board as at 7th January 2015 is as follows:

  • Rex James (Chairman)
  • Marcus James
  • Christopher Williams
  • Neville James
  • Peter McConnell
  • Johann Heaven
  • Charmaine Boyd-Walker


During 2015, Access will continue to evolve and significant changes are anticipated. With a unified vision at the board level team members are energized and optimistic about the prospects for the future. In Proven we have a strong partner that is managed by a solid, experienced and visionary team. We are confident that this partnership will allow Access to maximize its potential.

Our key strategic initiatives will include:

  • Ensuring full customer satisfaction;
  • Providing strong financial results; and
  • Seizing growth opportunities

We will continue to nurture the relationships with our customers who keep coming back to us and our lending agencies who continue to provide funding for on-lending.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank Marcus James for his leadership and the staff for their hard work and commitment to fostering valuable relationships with our customers.

With the current vision and strategic direction, we have a winning formula for the continued growth of Access Financial Services. I look forward to working with the current Board of Directors and with the Management Team to maximize Access’ potential.

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